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Beyond the Wire with Carlos Hardy

Beyond the Wire with Carlos Hardy

.Join Carlos from 10:00 - 11:00 am as "Beyond the Wire" makes its return to talk radio on WOLB 1010 AM... (Following The Larry Young Morning Show)

As an urban metropolis Baltimore's challenges with drugs and addiction have been a well-documented, often discussed and debated, phenomenon. Shows like The Corner and The Wire, while well written and at times accurate in its portrayals, often presented this story from a one-sided "the glass is half-empty" perspective.

"Beyond the Wire", while not denying, running away from or misrepresenting the facts, is our attempt to tell OUR story from a "the glass is half-FULL" perspective...

As always we promise to engage YOU our listeners and guests in thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, at times even painful... but always respectful conversation on the issues....

Interested in joining the conversation ? Call in each week and be a part of the conversation(410) 481-1010.

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Interested in being a guest on "Beyond the Wire" (to share your recovery/story), please email