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Wellness Support

Wellness Support

M-ROCC understands the importance of addressing the needs of the total individual as a means for sustainable recovery. M-ROCC utilizes the Recovery Oriented Systems of Care, (ROSC) model in providing the peer wellness support.

Our PRSS as motivator/guide will assist a peer in creating a written recovery wellness plan that he/she will keep and maintain. Using the ROSC model our PRSS will guide peers in initiating steps in achieving their wellness goals. Our wellness support offers assistance to the individual’s overall person-centered wellness plan. Some issues include:

  • Individual recovery goals
  • Family-Parenting, Relatonships
  • Socialization/ Relationships
  • Housing/ Enviornment Security
  • Physical Wellness
  • Mental/Emotional Wellness
  • Spiritual
  • Employment/Education
  • Personal financial management

M-ROCC operates in collaboration and partnership with other organizations and agencies where referrals and/or additional resources are appropriate in assisting the peers toward obtaining and maintaining their recovery wellness plan.